Wireless HVAC Guide System Analyzer - New HG3

Fieldpiece Instruments HVAC/R Meters Have Added Wireless Capabilities

HG3 Meter Sends/Receives Results Wirelessly From Multiple Test Points

January 23, 2012, Anaheim, Calif. – The wireless revolution has made it easier than ever for technicians to take HVAC/R tests and send the data immediately to a meter in another location for analysis. Fieldpiece Instruments, manufacturer of professional-grade instruments for HVAC/R field service, introduces new capabilities to the wireless HVAC Guide® System Analyzer, model HG3. Almost all new products introduced by Fieldpiece will be capable of sending and receiving data to and from the HG3. In-duct products, the AAT3 and ARH5 accessory heads can be used wirelessly to send remote measurements to the HG3.

This new system turns any of the Fieldpiece Accessory Heads into wireless test meters. Technicians now simply attach accessory heads to the test points and collect and analyze all the test data on the HG3. As the tech makes adjustments to the system, the HG3 will continue to collect the data in real time for easy analysis. Up to 12 parameters can be measured wirelessly at one time and sent to the HG3 for live viewing and analysis.

The Fieldpiece HG3 is a wireless system analyzer that leads technicians step-by-step through critical tests including: Target Evaporator Exit Temp, Target Superheat, Superheat, Subcooling, Combustion, and the CheckMe!® diagnostics program. The HG3 is the third generation HVAC Guide System Analyzer and now includes tests for CFM and Data Logging, and also has a Display switch position to easily read results directly from any accessory head.

“The HG3 is the most sophisticated HVAC analysis tool, ever,” says Russell Harju, product manager for Fieldpiece Instruments. “It has the widest range of tests to do a full system analysis. The addition of wireless capabilities makes tests so easy and accurate to perform that a contractor could run his whole service business around this one product.”

“For example, it takes less than five minutes to connect four accessory heads (three temperatures and one pressure) and find both the target superheat and actual superheat. Then as techs add or take away refrigerant, they can easily refresh the results and watch the actual superheat as it approaches the target superheat, taking the guesswork out of how much refrigerant needs to be added or removed.”

Measurements can be taken up to 100 feet away from the ET2W wireless transmitter attached to any Fieldpiece accessory head. If the test location is more than 100 feet away from the technician’s location, a second ET2W can be used in repeater mode to extend the distance.

Once the wireless heads are in position, technicians simply select the specific test on the HG3, press “Enter,” and the data automatically registers on the INPUT FORM. Once all tests are complete, technicians then read the results from the OUTPUT FORM.

Using the CheckMe!® test on the HG3 gives the most complete analysis of an A/C system because it diagnoses the system as a whole and provides technicians with the specific recommendations to fix. No charts, tables, or manual calculations are needed. And now, using the wireless transmitters, the technician can take all measurements at the same time, which makes the diagnosis very easy and accurate. The HG3 displays the diagnosis on the OUTPUT FORM in simple terms such as, “Undercharged. Add refrigerant until superheat reaches the target superheat,” so the technician can explain the problem to homeowners in easy terms.
In addition to the major wireless advancement, the CFM (cubic feet per minute) switch position is also a significant addition to the new generation HVAC Guide. The HG3 uses CFM measurements from up to 13 grilles to calculate total CFM. On the INPUT FORM the technician enters the Grille ID, the flow direction (return or supply), and the free area for each grille. Then using the AAV3 Fieldpiece accessory head, he takes multiple air velocity measurements across the grille to get an accurate, average air velocity for each grille. The OUTPUT FORM lists the CFM for each grille, the average, max and min for each grille, and also total return CFM and total supply CFM to aid in air balancing operations.

“For the contractor who wants to increase his business by providing the best service at the lowest overall cost, this system is a must have,” says Rey Harju, President of Fieldpiece.

The HG3 HVAC Guide stores up to 200 tests that can be downloaded to a PC for easy customer tracking and data organization. Each set of test data contains a customer ID and a time stamp. Stored tests can be downloaded at the office for easy billing and supervisor review, or printed, to give to customers as a record of the work you performed.

“The HVAC Guide offers a great way for HVAC service companies to increase the quality and profitability of their service. Not only does it significantly reduce callbacks, but it also gives the boss a record of what his guys are doing in the field – before and after they service a customer’s system. Test data can be uploaded from the field regularly for analysis, and the download back to the field technician’s HVAC Guide before the next visit,” says Russell Harju.

New software and firmware versions are available as additional tests and practices are developed and can be downloaded from the Fieldpiece website. Visit to keep up with the latest technology in the HVAC industry.

Some common service issues, including the following, are addressed by the HVAC Guide:

  • Improper refrigerant charge causes call-backs. It can cause compressor noise, shorten compressor life, and lower capacity. The Superheat and Subcooling tests lead the technician step-by-step, to determine if refrigerant must be added or recovered.


  • Airflow and air balancing can make or break the performance of the system. If each grille is getting too much or not enough air through it, the room being conditioned will not be comfortable. The CFM test on the HG3 will allow contractors determine how much airflow is being delivered to each grille for optimum airflow and comfort.


  • Improper airflow causes customer complaints about the air being too hot or too cold. Once you’ve checked the duct system for restrictions and leaks, adjust the total system airflow across the evaporator with the Target Evaporator Exit Temperature procedure that’s built into the HG3 HVAC Guide.


  • An improperly adjusted furnace or water heater can cause customer complaints about the air or water temperature. Proper combustion also ensures that carbon monoxide levels are at manufacturer’s specifications. Use the Combustion Analysis test built into the HVAC Guide to determine the right air/fuel mixture by analyzing the combustion products and then make adjustments to make sure the equipment works as it should. A system that is not properly adjusted will run below its rated capacity and not deliver enough heating, make more carbon monoxide, and operate at a lower efficiency, costing the customer more money in heating bills.


  • Use the CheckMe! test for advanced diagnostics of an A/C or Heat pump system. The CheckMe! test takes 11 different measurements on the INPUT FORM and gives recommended actions on the OUTPUT FORM. Many Utility companies now have CheckMe! rebate or incentive programs.


The HVAC Guide model HG3 is available immediately for $449 trade price and can be purchased from a Fieldpiece distributor near you. ET2W Wireless transmitter, dual temperature head, dry bulb thermocouple, wet bulb thermocouple, USB cable, PC software and a padded nylon case are included with the HG3 HVAC Guide System Analyzer. Fieldpiece products are sold exclusively through authorized Fieldpiece distributors. Complete HVAC Guide specifications, product literature and the operator's manual, which provides and in-depth description of features and function, are available on the company's website:


ABOUT CheckMe!®

The CheckMe! test was developed by Proctor Engineering Group and incorporates field data from over 500,000 air conditioning systems to maximize system efficiency. Use the CheckMe! test for advanced diagnostics of an A/C or Heat pump system. Many Utility companies now have CheckMe! rebate or incentive programs.

1) Perform a CheckMe!® test on a system.

2) Make appropriate repairs to pass the CheckMe!® test.

3) Give test data to Proctor Engineering Group.

4) A certificate is sent to the customer.

5) The utility issues the rebate or incentive.

To become a CheckMe!® certified technician and learn more about these utility rebate and incentive programs, contact Proctor Engineering Group at (888) 455-5742.

Client Contact: Russell Harju – Product Manager, (714) 634.1844
Press Contact: Beverly Steinberg, (714) 777-2760


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